Ruby Osorio lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Her drawings, paintings, and ceramic sculptures draw from a variety of sources - botanical drawings, photographs, and literary references - in an examination of the relationship between memory and fantasy. Her work has been exhibited locally and internationally in New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, and Athens, Greece. Solo exhibitions include Story of A Girl ( Who Awakes Far and Away) at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and Laguna Art Museum, and three solo exhibitions at Cherry and Martin Gallery in Los Angeles.  Her work has been reviewed by Art on Paper,Los Angeles Times and Washington Post among other publications and resides in notable permanent collections such as the Eileen Norton Foundation,  the UBS Art Collection, and the Hammer Museum.


"I am interested in how memory functions and how it is mediated through dreams, fragments of recollections, and perceptions of everyday life. My practice centers around the act of drawing as both a figurative and abstract mapping of the psyche and how memory idealizes, distorts, and reconfigures a mode of consciousness which shapes personal identity. Drawing functions as a mnemonic device of sorts where subconscious narratives are encoded through signs and signifiers. The work I make offers viewers questions to sort through with their own projections and experiences."


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